I had an ongoing flirtation with photography for years which I eventually decided to turn into a full blown love affair. Capturing moments as they happen in a light that most people don't get to see is the thing I enjoy most about photography. 

There are few days where I wake up more excited than when I have a photo shoot. I find myself jumping out of bed and planning the experience. Stage photography is my first love, grabbing the emotion an actor produces and freezing it feels like I am compounding art. I like taking the talent and drive behind an actor and being a conduit to show their skill to others; making them feel like they were there. Not one to be a one trick pony, I also keep myself open to other shooting experiences. Meeting people and getting to know them and their desires allows me to tailor a photoshoot to their needs. This often leads to different shooting environments which can give me a multitude of perspectives when shooting. The pure interaction between myself and my customer allows me to understand their needs and wants which is important because I'm not satisfied unless my customer is.





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Wolfville, NS


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