One Of My Favourite Places

There is a hiking path on the south mountain in the Annapolis Valley that I have always called the old mill. Since I was a kid, I would often go there with friends and family for a fun day, a little exercise and a lot of great visuals. When I was a kid, not many people knew about the old mill and with good reason, there was no way to know it was there unless you knew what you were looking for. Back then the entrance to the trail required you to jump a street side guardrail and then you had to do your best to not fall down the hill on the other side. In recent years, however, there has been development in the area to make it more accessible to the public and to share the history. It has been named a historic park of Canada and, low and behold, it has an actual name, the McMaster Mill. As a kid, it never occurred to me what kind of mill it was or that the word mill even implied a meaning. In the past, it was a sawmill supplying wood all over the valley. At the historical website photos of what the location looked like can be seen and I find it incredible how different it looked in the past. The place is definitely worth a look if you're into hiking and waterfalls. Don't be afraid to head over to the other side of the river (via the bridge) to find more hiking trails, and if your adventurous, make your way down to the river to cool your feet. But with all things, be careful.