The Rink

The latest show to be released by The Lighthouse Theatre company is The Rink. An Alan Hume play about three men that come back together after the death of their childhood friend. Upon taking stock of the lives they lead, the three decide to invest in their old stomping grounds to bring back the town they grew up in from social and economic freefall by rejuvenating the old rink and making it the place to be. The three actors, Steven, Robert, and Alan all play exceedingly well off one another thanks to the wonderful direction of Brenda Ley in a heartwarming and believable story filled with laughs. I myself found it difficult to hold back laughter at moments when taking photos. If you happen to be anywhere near the Al Whittle theatre tonight or tomorrow afternoon, stop by, pick up your ticket, and enjoy the show. Tickets are also available at the Box of Delights bookstore in Wolfville.