Cheaton Cup Weekend

At Acadia University there are multiple residences. There are two in particular that share a longstanding rivalry; Chipman House and Eaton House. Every year since 1996 there has been a hockey game between the two houses, however their competitive nature extends farther back than that in the university's history. The game was conceived out of a desire to de-escelate the tension between the, at the time, all mens houses. From what I have learned the first year ended up being one of the largest fights between the two residences. Since then however, the event has been getting better every year and incidents at the game largely don't happen. In 2015, the proceeds from the hockey game ($5000) went to the Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience Program (S.M.I.L.E) and L’Arche Homefires, two local programs that assist with those with disabilities. Game day is one of drinking. Lots of parties happen all over the campus and town with plenty of fun to be had for those who are smart. I was on my way into town when I happened to pass by the most famous Chipman party "Red Death". The party is held at a student house off campus, usually occupied by third or fourth year students that used to live in Chipman.  Being a Chipman alumnus, I know what goes into the name Red Death. When I was in residence, there were 2 different ways of entering the party, by paying a $15 entrance fee, or by bringing a bottle (375 mL) of hard alcohol. If you pay cash you're in, and there is generally a keg open to the party attendees. If you brought a bottle of something, it is emptied into a large container with red food colouring. Any person that brings a bottle has it dumped into the container and the resulting concoction is Red Death. It is basically the "Punch" described in the first episode of "Threes Company".