Just a Stroll

Last week, there was a day that started out beautiful and sunny. I woke up around 7 and it was significantly warmer that day compared to the previous week and when I looked out my kitchen window I thought it would be great day for photos. About an hour later, the northern "mountain" of the valley couldn't be seen because of fog/mist. I didn't think too much of it because often times the bay would get foggy and the the pressure system would trickle over the north mountain. Another hour later and I couldn't see past Wolfville, and when I decided to actually get out of the apartment, it was difficult to see down the street. I thought my nice photo day would be ruined. I eventually went out with little hope of getting good photos because the fog was coming and going randomly. While on the south mountain trying to get to the highway, I found myself outside the fog and got a shot.