Snapshot - Quartet

This week’s Snapshot will feature the four men responsible for bringing the show’s quartet to life. Simon Pawlowski, Ray Baltzer, Joel Dauphinee, and Dylan Salmon have all come together for Music Man and are making the whole cast proud. With just a few weeks training, the group sounds like they have been singing together for years.

All four of the men are familiar with being on stage with Ray having the most experience, as he’s been performing since he was 9 years old; the first show he was in was The Honeymooners. Growing up he was in a number of different shows until the end of high school when he broke away from acting to attended Acadia University playing football, where he received his BA in history. It wasn’t until after his retirement that Ray really picked up acting again. He has performed in numerous different shows over the years and has always been a welcome face during rehearsals. I asked Ray if this was his first time singing on stage and how he felt about it, he simply replied with “It’s never been an issue”.


Joel on the other hand has the least experience of the four men however, this does not mean he is out of his element. Joel has been onstage in the Little Mermaid, and work backstage for Annie, both at Quick as a Wink Theatre. One of the main things Joel likes about being part of a show came to him during his time working on Annie. While working backstage, he would notice the enthusiasm of the crew between scenes and really enjoyed seeing the work they put into each and every show.





Dylan has always loved singing. No stranger to large casts, he has appeared in many shows with St. Joseph's Stage Prophets over the years. He has received plenty of vocal training over his stage career due to his participation in choir. When I asked him how singing in a quartet compared to singing alone, he told me that it has it's perks and it's downsides. It’s great due to the fact that the focus isn’t only on one person, and the sound that a good harmony can make is fantastic. At the same time however, often times to make that harmony, the group needs to practice timing. The group needs to move as one when needed.





Simon has recently exploded onto the theatre scene in the Wolfville area performing with multiple companies. One of his best personal stage accomplishments was playing Happy, in Death of a Salesman, with the Wolfville Theatre Collective. He found it a powerful role that he could really sink his teeth into. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Simon has performed in the show Music Man. Moreover the last time he was in Music Man, he was also in the quartet. Simon reflected on his favourite things about working in the theatre and he stated it was purely the fun of the show.