Mother's Day Zoo Adventure

I have been living a fairly hectic life lately. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. With a musical now in tech (hell) week, Japanese/English lessons, arranging to move to a new apartment, new paying photo jobs, and possibly a job in Japan, I'm happy to have a day (even only in part) where I can stop and smell the metaphorical roses. That day was Mother's Day. Lillian and I went to visit her mother and we all decided to go to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo. I hadn't been there in a couple years so I relished the opportunity to go with my new camera. Of all the animals that are there, my favourite happens to be the goats, but more specifically, the baby goats. 


This is my favourite photo of the day. I like the dimensions of the owl. I find it captivating and kind of frightening. The owls eyes are black and seem unmoving making its gaze appear unwavering, almost like it's never not looking at you. 



You ever see something so ugly it's cute in it's own weird way?

That logic does not apply to turkeys.