Snapshot - Laura Gillis

Meet Laura Gillis. She is currently attending high school and is in the ninth grade. Laura has appeared in a number of different shows with the Quick as a Wink group including Into the Woods, Annie, The Little Mermaid and Grease. I didn’t know Laura at the time of shooting the photos for Grease but I did actually get an image of her in the show. Playing as one of the high school kids, she stood out with her bubbly mannerisms while dancing. Laura is playing as Zeneeta, in The Music Man. Playing as one of the key dancers, I have been able to see firsthand at her dancing abilities. I can tell from her flexibility and strength that she has been able to accomplish a high level of skill. When combine with the other dancers she shares the stage with, they all feed off one another’s skill. I asked Laura about her reasons for joining this show and she told me it was because of Thea and Becca.

Having been in numerous shows, Laura is really enjoying the world of musical theatre, however she has a different career path in mind for when she starts her post-secondary education. Laura wants to get involved in law becoming either a crown prosecutor if she decides to stay in Canada, or a district attorney if she chooses to pursue law in the USA. She has learned many things during her time on stage including that she becomes most creative while reading her lines for the first time. Her biggest tip for an aspiring actor is to not be afraid to ask questions. She has had to deal with this first hand because of forgetting blocking at times. Laura believes it is better to ask and make sure blocking is right than to learn it wrong, only to have to change it later. Also, for fun, I asked her if she could learn anything from anyone what would it be and who. She said that she would love to be taught a musical dance number by a Rockette. For those you who are interested, Laura has also stated that she is definitely interested in performing in more shows in the future.