Snapshot - Donna Holmes

You know those people in stories where they are written as being pure of heart? Well Donna Holmes is one of those people in real life. Originally from Ontario, she moved to Annapolis Royal with her family when she was 13, and to this day calls it her hometown. Even from childhood, Donna was associated with performing. Her first love was with music, singing “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” at the age of four, and it acted as one of the propelling factors toward her work on stage. One of the longer running characters Donna has portrayed over the years was as Twinkle the Clown at Upper Clements Park. She attended Acadia University where she received her BA degree with Honours in Sociology. After a three-year journey teaching English in Japan, she made her home in Wolfville where she currently resides. Donna is something of an institution in the town of Wolfville. Very few locals I have met don't know Donna, and she is someone that is always ready to offer a smile and a hug. 

One place to see or meet Donna is at T.A.N.’s Open Mike and Donna every Tuesday, an open mic night started by her and Mike Butler. Donna herself usually starts off the evening by playing a tune or two before offering up the hot seat to others in the cafe. After attending my first time, I quickly learned that Open Mike and Donna is not just for the musically inclined. It serves as a conduit where people can share music, poems, short stories, or parts of their own personal narrative. This year marks the open mic’s 6th year. She has also been involved in a number of different shows with the Women of Wolfville, Fezziwig Society, and Centre Stage Theatre, as well as her own Broken Leg Theatre, which is a variety show that happens at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville three times a year. The next BLT is June 24, and will showcase a variety of entertainers ranging from sketch comedy and poetry to theatre music and dance. Donna is currently playing Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man at Quick as a Wink theatre. She says that she likes the character because of the fun nature and comedic lines she gets to deliver. I am happy to be working with Donna after knowing her now for a few years. We have been joking for the last few months that we finally have gotten to do a show together, but the funniest part is that we actually don’t have any lines together. One of the final questions I asked Donna was what her goal in life was. She told me that she is pretty much already living the life she wants. Sure, there are things she wishes she could have (namely more TIME) but, as far as her life is going right now, Donna is happy.