Halifax Waterfront

For those who know me, you know I want to get out of the Annapolis Valley. I want a concrete jungle to play in for a while, which is why I am always delighted to spend a day in Halifax. There, I am able to get my dose of city living in even if only for a short while. The fact that some of the best parts of Halifax are on the waterfront make things all the better (I like being close to water). Lillian and I went there for an afternoon of aimless fun and food adventure. Being in a city makes me feel alive because of the number of regular activities that are accessible. I like seeing the flow of people moving, coming and going. It makes me want to work, which is something I need. Walking along the waterfront has been a little difficult lately though because of the construction that's happening. The Queen's Marque is being built and, for the time being, the sight is a huge eyesore. Huge retaining walls and barricades remove much of the construction from plain view but it is easy to see from the new sea bridge connecting the Maritime Museum North Wharf to the Cable Wharf. The bridge does offer a nice view of the bay that wasn't available before though.