Temperatures Are Rising

Things are heating up for Hill's Grills Panini Press and Tea House owner Hillary Webb. I recently had a photoshoot with her to help her showcase some of her newest, and most delicious, creations. On the menu were scones, teas, latte, soup and fresh veggies. From the moment I got there, Hillary was moving nonstop. Anyone that knows her, knows that is the pace she lives her life (I swear, she doesn't sleep). Two batches of scones were done within an hour on top of making teas and prepping the soup. The scones had two themes, one was sweet and the other was savoury. The sweet scone was lemon with just the right amount of tartness topped with a light, sweet lemon glaze and the savoury scone was cheese, chive and bacon. Both were the perfect consistency. "When people think of scones they think they're dry and reserved for older people. I'm going to make scones sexy again. I'll have eight-teen year olds in my shop ordering my scones". From what I experienced, I going to put my money on Hillary to win that bet. After scone heaven, I got to try the butternut squash soup served with a breadstick that was packed with cranberries. A winning combination, the bread stick was firm on the outside and soft on the inside (get your mind out of the gutter) and the soup was full bodied and made me wish for a cold day because it would be the perfect comfort food in the middle of winter. We were then served a fresh bed of vegetables with a balsamic vinegar, and a strawberry lemon iced tea. I love iced teas, I'll get them in the middle of winter, so for me having a good one as a go to is a must. The last thing we were served was the French toast latte. Hillary tells me that she is already sold out of the individual take home packages, which is fantastic considering she isn't even open for business yet. We will have another photo engagement in the coming weeks to show off the new restaurant space so be on the lookout.