This year marks the second time I was able to attend the Halifax gay pride parade. I didn't realize how much I would come appreciate the day because of how easy it is to see so much love. Laughing, singing, hugging and dancing, what's not to like. After seeing numerous friends posting about the parade on their social media in the following days, it makes me wish I let more people know I was going to be there but hindsight is only 20/20. Next year I want to try being in the parade, so if anyone wants a photographing, loud, happy person who is not afraid to sing in a crowd to walk with their group...hit me up. My favourite thing about the parade is the unbridled courage people express when walking. It wasn't too long ago that an event like this wouldn't have been able to happen, and while we have a long way to go to remove stigmas and stereotypes (even within the queer community), I am proud of how far Canada has come. There will always be people that do not understand and shun, but that is where the courage comes in. The courage to stand for who you are and remain standing through hardships telling the world "this is who I am".