Play Me Wolfville

When I found out that Wolfville was getting its own public piano I just had to be one of the first people to see it. I have seen two or three of these pianos while visiting Halifax and I love them. It is my truly honest opinion that conversations revolving around music (and food) steer any conversation from bad to good. There is plenty of love for sharing music in the world so embrace it. The day the piano was set to arrive, I didn't waste any time. I made my way down to the park and told myself I was going to take some photos. There is something about a piano that just brings people together. Take for example the two lovely people I met when I got there. Their names are Jeremy and Alyson. As the two of them were painting the piano and we started making some small talk. We learned a little about one another (they already knew each other), and we all had a fun time. I also got to participate in painting the piano itself so when you see those green circles, they were made by your's truly. I'm excited to see how the public will react to the piano and hopefully catch some people actually playing it. It is a small dream of mine that someone in town will play a piano sonata while I walk by with my camera, and as they play I more people will come and fill in for an entire orchestra. I know that it isn't going to happen but hey, that's why they call it a dream isn't it?