Flower Time Of Year

Summer is in full swing now and I couldn't be happier. Well I could be, but I can't seem to find the button that turns off sweating when it's warm. At least there is plenty to look at that is pleasing to the eyes. I'm talking about all the flowers. Pinks and purples, yellow and red, different varieties, and shapes and sizes. I really like flowers. I remember one time near valentines day, and I went to go and get some flowers for Lillian. When I got to the store there were about 8 men standing around the flower section just looking and trying to make sense of what they should get. Me on the other hand, I walked right up to a dozen different bouquets looking at the stems, how open or closed the flowers were, smelling which were most pungent. I ended up buying 2 bouquets, taking them home and making my own arrangement in a vase. When Lillian got home she was so happy, and rearranged them to look better. She does work in a flower shop so I defer to her good judgement with these things. I feel flowers are an underused, and under appreciated gesture these days. Sure the cynical side of us says "What's the point? They're going to die anyway" but if I can get over my cynical side, anyone can.