Ocean Side Corn Boil

One of the main perks of living near the shore is having the option to cool off when the heat gets to be too much while inland. The temperature is about 5 degrees cooler when close to the water when compared to the Annapolis Valley and after a string of hot days, it is a welcome treat. Being tired of the heat, some friends and I went to Hall's Harbour to have a corn boil over an open fire. Spending time close to water is something I always like doing because it makes for a) a relaxing experience, b) a great time to enjoy the company of your friends, and c) an excellent chance to get some great photos. Some things that appear on my "what I need" list when going to the shore include all equipment needed to make s'mores, cheese filled sausages, some form of drink, music, and great friends; the last one is the most essential. Going to the shore doesn't need to be a huge affair though, sometimes it can be as simple as going for a drive along the coast, no need to even stop. Part of the charm is seeing the water, smelling the sea air, and leaving your world behind for a moment. To me, a moment isn't measured in time but rather in feelings and emotions. Some people can have a moment in a couple seconds, others a couple hours. The point is getting out there to have those moments.