Next To Normal

I have been to many shows at this point but few have had the emotional impact that Next To Normal delivered. SAINTS ALIVE! Theatre Society should be immensely proud of their cast for the emotional roller coaster they put the audience through during the run of the show. The characters were easily relatable and honest. There were moments where I had to remind myself to take photos because I was getting absorbed in the show too much. The show is about a family that is struggling with the ghost of their past using a beautifully constructed, painful narrative that hits you square in the chest. It's one of those shows that makes you feel drained when it finishes but you would watch it again in an instant. The musical has this effect because of its uncompromising devotion to face real issues like grief, suicide, and drug abuse, which is done flawlessly. When it first arrived on Broadway in 2009, the show was greeted with 11 Tony nominations, winning 3 (Best Original Score, Best Orchestration, and Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical). It also received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama making it the eighth musical in history to do so (previous winning musical was Rent in 1996). I am also very thankful to the cast for letting me take a few photos from different angles (if you feel drained after the show imagine how they feel). As a photographer, you want to take photos that fully capture the emotion of a scene, and sometimes it is difficult from a chair. For this show, I wanted to make sure that people feel the passion the actors portrayed that night through these photos.