Family Photo Shoot

I had a unique opportunity to capture a group during a private moment. It was the day of the solar eclipse, I was hired to go to a upick Christmas tree farm in South Alton. I went there because the owner has a couple families that have been going there for a long time and over the years they have recruited more families to join in. As a gift to her long loyal customers, the owner wanted to get them the gift of photography. Usually, this event happens later in the year, but the group wanted to this now because of some possible health issues facing one of the group members. I arrived early, as I usually do, and was expecting about 2 families, consisting of 10 people max. Imagine my surprise when the whole group gets there and there are 21 people total! They all brought the equipment to have Christmas in August, cookies, candy canes, knit hats, ribbon and a big sign that said "Merry and Bright". I started photographing the kids, toddlers, adults, their tree picks, and the cookies (which were so good, thanks for sharing!). I had a fantastic time photographing these guys, thank you all for being cool customers in the hot summer.