Grafton Street Dinner Theatre - Ahead By A Century

Two for two! Grafton Street Dinner Theatre (GSDT) hit another show out of the park with their production of Ahead By A Century. The show revolves around an annual finance meeting of a family business where the whole audience is the extended family. When an old family secret is brought to light and a miscalculated giveaway threatens to bankrupt the company, it is hard to find a dull moment with all the jokes, songs and witty banter. My favourite thing about GSDT is the audience interactions and the actors reactions. There are plenty of moments for an audience answer to throw the actors off their game but it doesn't happen. The people at GSDT are armed with sharp wits and silver tongues and they kept their patrons laughing and wanting more. The other great thing about the GSDT is the food, I genuinely like the meals I have had. Most recently I had the seafood chowder for a starter, salmon with cranberries and rice as the main course, and an Oreo cheesecake thing that made me want to cut off my left arm for a second serving. The actors, from my experience, were quite adept at serving both on and off stage and I found there to be a steady rhythm going back for forth between meals and stage presence. 

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