Grand Pré 2017 Pow Wow

Another big event during Canada 150, the Grand Premiere 2017 Pow Wow. The Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador regional chief, Morley Googoo, was in attendance and opened the 4-day event celebrating the relations between the Mi'kmaq and the Acadians. There was a little snag on Saturday however, the events that were supposed to happen in Grand Pré were unfortunately rained out, or so people thought. Acadia University answered the call of Chief GooGoo to hold part of the Pow Wow in the gymnasium so that the dancing could continue. The regalia there was as beautiful and colorful as the people dancing. The other great thing about the Pow Wow was the drum circles. When I first got to the gym, the sound could be heard down the halls, and when up close every slam of the drum could be felt in your head and chest. The next day was sunny but still wet from the previous day's rain making the main grounds soaked. Undeterred, hundreds of people came out, wet shoes and all, to come and see the vendors, performances, informational sessions, and expositions. Many people were walking around the barefoot, myself included, to remove the fear of the dreaded "soaker". Live music was played on a large stage (mercifully on higher ground) where there were many French singers and performers. I hope events like this can become more commonplace because I like learning about cultures that are different from what I grew up with.