Lawrence Town Exhibition 2017

This year’s exhibition was hot. I went with my in-laws, we got there in the late morning and it was already about 25˚C. I like going to the X because it is a chance to see a lot of talent from all across Nova Scotia as well as other parts of the Maritimes. People as far as New Brunswick, PEI, even the far parts of Cape Breton come to the event to show off their skills with their horses and other livestock, entering into many events. My favourites are the barrel races as well as the horse pull. I like seeing the barrel races because of the relationship between the rider and the horse, you can see how they both become laser focused on the goal. Same can be said for the horse pull, the horses are practically giddy before being hitched to the weights. The sometimes can’t contain their excitement enough to actually be attached to the sled. This year the highest weight I saw successfully pulled was 10800 lbs. It’s incredible to me because, at weights that high, you start to see the large farm equipment start to strain when resetting the event for the next contender. At one point specifically, one of the straps used to pull everything started making a funny sound, and I thought is was going to snap. Other than the horses, there are rides, food, vendors, carnival events, food, a concert, and did I mention food? I love carnival food, and the eating never stops until either a) I'm sick or b) I hate myself, and seeing that a) has never happened, I have a lot of self-hate the day after the X. To be able to partake in all the events, one would need to spend a full week there. Only being there for a day myself, I didn’t get to see everything, but when I do go I make sure to see as much as I can.