Pig Roast

This year marks the third time I have gone to my friend Mindy's house for her annual pig roast. Mindy and her husband, Bruce, have been hosting this pig roast for years and they invite people from all their social circles. Always one for social events, I really enjoy getting to go because I often get to meet new people. The first year I went to the roast, I developed an outlook on life I called "you never know who is across the table". I met people that at one point in their lives were government officials, people that have high-level degrees, artists, and musicians. It makes for lively discussion because of the number of directions a conversation can take. It always keeps me on my toes. The other thing I like about being at Bruce and Mindy's home is the lake. It is always a welcome treat in the middle of the summer. The little dock coming off the shore has such a charming quality and I was able to capture it last time I was there. People bring all kinds of food to the roast as well, endless types of salads, desserts, corn, and of course plenty of pork. There is plenty of drinking that happens while there as well which is why I am thankful you the hosts for allowing people to pitch a tent to stay over night. This most recent overnighting was great because of the morning thunderstorm that happened. The rain coming down was so intense, that I couldn't see the other side of the lake. The rain continued into the late morning and we all watched lazily in eachothers company for a short while, enjoying the thunder.