Snapshot - Mindy Vinqvist-Tymchuk


I first met Mindy through our mutual friend Susan Monro. Mindy was directing the show Jerry Finnegan’s Sister and was looking for a person to fill the role of Brian, I was approached about filling the role which I happily accepted. We learned a lot about one another and have been friends ever since. Mindy was born in Moncton, New Brunswick and lived in the region for the majority of her childhood. Being particularly gifted when it came to academia, she started university at the age of 16 and finished her degree in only 3 years; she attended Mt. Allison University (Mt.A) where she got her bachelor’s degree in science. While waiting for an acceptance into veterinary school, Mindy did a second degree at Mt.A gaining a bachelor of education to keep her options open. After being told that she was not accepted into veterinary school, Mindy was 19 and teaching her practicums. At that point, she felt more like she was teaching her peers rather than students. Around this time she was offered a research technician position at Mt.A, which is when she discovered that she loved research. Mindy worked in Dr. Ross Barclay’s lab for a couple years before deciding to pursue a master’s degree in science. It was this research that led Mindy to the career she has now, working at the Kentville Research Station for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as a technician. Mindy’s group is currently working on fruit storage and storage disorders along with the composition of Nova Scotia grapes. This is a very good project to be involved in at this time due to the burgeoning wine market in Nova Scotia. When I asked Mindy about her extra curriculars, the conversation took a turn toward the lighter side of things. She is an amateur actress, she sings in her church choir group, loves to cook (and she is a fantastic cook too), often goes golfing with her husband Bruce, she is also part of numerous committees and directorial boards. Since we came to know each other through acting, I asked her why she decided to jump onstage and her answer surprised me. 

Mindy told me that she is very shy, even to this day, and that she works very hard to compensate for it especially in groups. This came as a shock to me because any time I have been with Mindy she has always seemed very comfortable in a group, I’d even go as far as saying that, on occasion, she plays the life of the party. Through acting though, Mindy has been exposed to one of her favourite experiences and that is making people laugh. She likes having the ability to help people forget their problems for a few hours while she is on stage. “Making people laugh fuels my fire”. Her favourite time on stage was playing Celia in the show Calendar Girls, a show about women being brave for a good cause, and because it took Mindy a lot of personal bravery; she had to go topless on stage (covered only by Chelsea Buns). Mindy is currently involved with the show A Fine Monster You Are (will be clickable to the now playing page at the CST website) playing at Centre Stage Theatre in Kentville.