Snapshot - Tracy Churchill

Tracy and I danced around formal introductions for a couple years before actually speaking to one another. It was one of those situations where we know all the sample people at an event however our friends never said “Tracy, this is Marc” or vice versa. We took matters into our own hands after I attended a play called The Golf, Cheese, and Chess Society, at the Al Whittle Theatre where Tracy was performing with a number of our mutual friends. Tracy told me back then that despite the fact that she knows who I am, she for the longest time had the overwhelming urge to call me “Jeff” instead of Marc, so now Tracy is the only person that is allowed to call me “Jeff”. But enough about me, you’re here for Tracy. 


Tracy has lived a life moving east to west and back again in Canada. Born in New Glasgow she moved to Berwick and lived there until she finished high school, after which, she moved to New Brunswick to pursue a career in hair design. When she finished her training, Tracy moved to Ottawa for her new job however she developed strong sensitivities to the chemicals that she needed to use in her line of work making it not an option for her in the long term. After moving back to the Annapolis Valley for a short time, she moved to Edmonton, admittedly for a boy, who later became her husband. While there she wasted no time because she enrolled herself in the University of Alberta and received her bachelor’s degree in comparative literature. One dream Tracy has is to be an adult educator. “The thought of teaching someone Jane Austin thrills my soul”. Upon finishing her first degree, Tracy and her husband moved back to the Annapolis Valley. Before truly settling down the two decided to take a trip around the world, stopping in Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand and Kenya. Tracy was particularly enamoured with Thailand stating she would live in there in an instant if she could, and there is no class that can teach you the lessons you get from world travel. When the duo returned from their escapade around the globe, Tracy’s love of theatre fully blossomed. She became more involved with numerous theatre groups in the region, going as far as creating her own theatre group with one of her closest friends, Candy O’Brien, called the Lighthouse Theatre. The two are currently working on a show written by Alan Hume, a local play write, called The Rink. While Tracy appears to be, calm, cool and collected onstage, she is actually terrified. She has over the years developed, what I call, fear derived tic-tac inhalation, where she eats an astounding number of tic-tacs during the run of a show to help calm her nerves. It is the character development and backstory formation of her character that keeps Tracy coming back to the stage. Her favourite portrayal was of Louise in Marion Bridge because playing her was such a change from who Tracy actually is. When I showed Tracy the photos of her in Marion Bridge, she said “I didn’t know what Louise looked like, I like her”. To a stage photographer, that is a huge compliment because it lets us know that we were able to capture the character. Tracy’s dream on stage is to be like the actress that played Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in Finding Neverland on Broadway, not just to play that character, but to be able to get a mid-show standing ovation for her performance. Tracy is currently working on her master’s degree in education from Mt. St. Vincent University and will be graduating this spring.